Aiea Mcdonalds at Aloha Stadium Review

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Aiea Mcdonalds at Aloha Stadium Review

Just putting this blog post out there for McDonald’s near the Aloha Stadium on the island of a Oahu, is a great place to bring your kids to have lunch dinner or breakfast.

the value McDonald’s brings forth especially in Honolulu where there’s over 1.5 million people on this island.

So if you’re here looking for attractions or maybe just watching local football games at the stadium you’ll be sure to find ticket booths and online tickets for sale for Aloha Stadium events.

it’s definitely a good choice to pick up the idea of having ticket vouchers early prior to a game at least a month or two weeks in advance, this will enable you to get cheaper prices for tickets, so while you’re at the stadium across the street you’ll find McDonald’s and AutoZone.

at the shopping mall you’ll also find a local Foodland or food pantry that serves up some of the best foods on the island.

The girls at the corner was very very nice set the Aiea McDonald’s, moreover they were very courteous the food came out pretty quick we got the combo bacon double cheeseburgers, just to name a few of the items we had a 20 piece chicken McNuggets and a large drink, we also picked up Tangy BBQ sauce as well as the hot mustard sauce with hot french fries we extra price on the side, just to let everyone know the two for $5 Big Mac deal is over, so they’re selling the $3 two for $3 meal that is the bacon double cheeseburger meal deal.


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