Best Ceiling Restoration and Texture Finish

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Best Ceiling Restoration and Texture Finish

Today’s blog post will focus on retexturing and refinishing old popcorn ceilings, moreover it is crucial that you understand the content in this post, and learning more about hazardous contaminants that may reside in your ceilings.

If you have an apartment building that was built in the late 60s or 70s and you want to remove popcorn, you must understand the criteria how critical this may be, moreover as soon as you find out about hazardous material contaminant, and get that removed by a professional company, we come in after all that is done our professional drywall ceiling and painting finishing Services is perfect for your home renovation project and buildings apartments and homes that are recently purchased on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, Kapolei, Kailua, Hawaii Kai, Royal Kunia, Ewa Beach, and anywhere that resides in Hawaii.

The popcorn ceilings finally removed using the correct approach in this method, as soon as that is done our drywall skim coating Services applies All Purpose plaster to the ceiling using tools that smooth out the ceiling professionally, when that phase is done we start the sanding face, after the sanding is all done we go over and spot check all the ceilings bedrooms, bathroom ceilings, kitchen ceilings, living room ceilings, storage room and basement ceilings using spotlights to guarantee every single hole is covered and scraped clean, moreover the skin coats and usually gets done two to three times to guarantee Perfection, after this phase is done and if vinyl sand is added.

After all the screaming sanding and smooth skim coat drywall Plastering on ceilings is finished, we began the priming and painting stages, first we make sure to dust all the walls before applying any primer or paint, we usually use a high-quality primer to spray coat over plaster especially drywall and concrete that was recently plastered and skim coated.

After we Prime all the walls using Graco sprayers, we start in the Kitchen paint the kitchen, Prime all the bathroom walls and ceilings, we also apply primer to hallways bedrooms bathrooms ceilings and kitchens including all the living room areas that need quality premium coat of primer usually we use gripper primer.

Before we begin the final interior drywall painting, we make sure to wipe down all the walls clean especially dust and particles that were left behind from priming sanding and doing all the skim coating, this guarantees airless sprayers can adjust the nozzle perfectly for the Final Phase of painting, usually Smooth Wall finish coats are painted using flat paint, we choose a Swiss coffee white over premium Behr white that you can purchase at your local hardware store or paint supply store.

For more details and information off of how you can get popcorn ceiling removal estimates and free priming and painting quotes in Honolulu Hawaii contact us through using the service request form provided at the bottom of this web page and on the right side bar you can also contact us using your smartphones thank you very much

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