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Hi we’re back again with another exciting blog post and the installation of interior drywall patches, nowadays everyone in Hawaii is experiencing heavy rainfall.

The  winter months and of course April and May weather is pretty horrible, you never know when it’s going to rain hard and heavy.

Drywall gets wet or soggy you can best bet that the interior of your home is in jeopardy.

Whenever rain continues more than two to three days and sometimes one week, you already know it’s going to be severe.

Steady rainfall and severe flooding can cause basements to overflow and drywall to get damaged in some cases the weather is pretty intense.

Rain water leaks or building ceiling leaks can start to make the ceiling popcorn and ceiling drywall really soggy as well.

therefore the Honolulu drywall patch work and handyman services can offer you drywall patch quotes free estimates on all types of drywall installation and drywall repairs, such as Orange Peel texture repair, knockdown texture repair, ceiling texture repair, texture resealing repair, acoustic ceiling repair, acoustic ceiling installation, acoustic drywall repair, or any type of the services that are needed in Hawaii.

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