Can I Install Drywall Over Concrete Walls

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Can I Install Drywall Over Concrete Walls and Ceilings

Are you considering hanging drywall over concrete walls and ceilings, you should highly and intensely get a recommendation before you do so, especially when you’re in a building installing drywall lids.

There are different zones and co-factors that you need to incorporate into your installation.

Taken under high consideration contacting the building management or if you are home owner or Association Management company that searching for answers when it comes to this type of construction, you need to know the bare facts, moisture barrier is definitely important before installing sheetrock over ceilings or concrete walls, there are the important situations that you may want to consider especially installing studs over concrete before you hang the sheetrock.

Take for example a condominium in Honolulu Hawaii has certain codes that you need to follow, the management or instruct the drywall contractor or Home Improvement remodeling services to get a permit especially if it involves removing popcorn ceilings or scraping ceilings that has a contaminants.

If you live in a home it isn’t so bad, there are less factors involved, codes there are different codes four basic homes, for example keep in mind the benefits of installing studs over your concrete walls is definitely a good idea, soon as you hang studs for example let’s say you have 500 square foot interior living room, and you want to install sheetrock over a concrete wall, what you would recommend is that you install stud strips before putting sheetrock over the wall, soon as the studs are on correctly you can use a thin layer of insulation, then hang your 5/8 or 1/2 inch sheetrock over it, then do the drywall finishing and the drywall texturing, for more details and information about hanging sheetrock over concrete ceilings and walls please contact our service providers and maintenance service providers in Honolulu Hawaii at area code 808-688-6309.



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