Can I Remove Caneck Ceiling Tiles and Replace It With Drywall

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Learn Why Ceneck Ceiling Tiles Provide Little Or None Insulation

This blog post was meant for drywall and painting services customers looking for the ultimate answer toward Caneck ceiling tile and how it insulates your ceilings to protect people inside from Heat cold and humidity.

Caneck material was used in the 60s 70s and early 80s as a ceiling insulation product, more over this type of material can still be found and older homes built in the 60s 70s and 80s, even now the New Millennium you still find these type of ceilings virtually called cardboard ceilings or a thick cardboard finish that is painted over by latex paint, oil-based paints, primer, and in some cases homeowners will find ways and methods to increase the look of these type of cardboard ceilings.

Getting rid of those thick cardboard ceilings is definitely the way to go, however you need to find the right specialist to remove these type of ceiling materials especially ceiling tiles that were built back in the early 60s 70s 80s, keep in mind hazardous contaminants Maybe something to avoid.

One of our most recent customers asked us about the removal of these type of ceilings, we instructed the homeowner otherwise, we don’t offer hazardous material removal as Pro handyman Oahu, reason being is we are not a certified hazardous contaminant removal company in Hawaii.

So the next time you’re ready to do a ceiling Demolition and drywall demolition project, keep us in mind for certification information that can help you find the right service to remove hazardous contaminants in Honolulu Hawaii, we also understand the process of hanging taping and texturing drywall correctly, even though people have found ways and methods to refinish cardboard ceilings or thick cardboard ceiling material using all purpose drywall plaster mesh tape and then sanding it down after it’s finished that is one creative way of refinishing caneck ceilings.



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