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LLC Carpentry Services In Honolulu Hawaii Insured and Bonded

Over 20 yrs of licensed and insured carpentry framing services in my area,” local carpenters and handymen build and remodel cabinets and frame walls, roofs, and built out extensions off of the main house.

Honolulu Carpentry Services

In need of remodeling renovations or build outs our team of local carpenters will arrive on the project with all phases of carpentry tools skill and tool for home repairs and renovations.

Before Oahu Handyman services start’s construction projects” there are three ways we start carpentry estimates:

  1. We can bid on construction
  2. We can offer homeowner purchase construction materials
  3. We can offer day rate construction, painting, and drywall depending on the size of project
  4. We offer free phone estimates
  5. We offer free construction quotes on all phases of construction
  6. We offer Kitchen Remodeling – Kitchen remodeling, cabinets, built-ins, islands and more
  7. Custom Carpentry
  8. Custom Carpentry, vanities, closets and custom trim
  9. Custom Cabinets
  10. Custom Cabinets, bespoke furniture, built-ins, storage
  11. Stairs, Floors

Its that simple,” no matter how big or small licensed carpenters and framers work fulltime 24/7 around the clock from start to finish carpentry and rough carpentry in Hawaii.

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