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Ceiling Texture Popcorn Removal Services 

This webpage is dedicated to hundreds of recent drywall renovations removing popcorn ceilings that are not contaminated, in other words we only remove popcorn ceilings that do not have harmful hazardous contaminated particles such as asbestos or any form of contaminant that could be harmful. read more….

Based on customer demand scraping ceilings is not just an ordinary home-improvement upgrade, moreover fulfilling every single need necessary to perform ceiling scraping and drywall skim coating is regarded as a safety issue, easily that can become evident, in other words you need to the proper safety equipment to remove safely, last but not least we take all safety precautions and measures before we even begin the scraping process, in other words, will have all your popcorn tested to make sure there is no hazardous contaminant material involved in this project, now that we’ve cleared up some of the disadvantages, let’s talk about some of the advantages of removing, and ceilings.

Before and after popcorn ceiling removal Honolulu Hawaii

drywall ceilings

If you’re a homeowner and you know for certain your home-improvement project or residential home is built after the 80s or 1980s then you’re in good hands, we do not remove popcorn from any building or house earlier than 1980 that specifically not approved or tested by the current hazmat service.

So if you’re calling us about scraping your ceilings or bumpy texture removal make absolutely certain that you have the correct credentials based on criteria that involves this type of construction work, this guarantees doing this legally, would make the customer happy and handyman service involved.

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