Custom Shelving Service Request

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Custom Shelving Service Request

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He had a recent customer service request it was definitely a repair that could not have taken place if not the homeowner in a residential apartment building was available, just a few words for homeowners out there looking for professional handyman, you must be available at the appointment time that was set prior to making the phone call that helps us stay focused on every project that we do.

As we entered the apartment building the homeowner or elderly man was definitely intrigued by our professional craftsmanship.

The Carpentry Services in Honolulu was of major concern, he definitely needed someone to fabricate teak wood shelving materials 10 – 15 pieces of hardwood to be installed in a custom closet.

as well as an entertainment center that needed repairs quickly to stop his flat screen television from falling on the floor.

we had to make some adjustments there for him to the hardwood paneling over the years that started to break down and decay, what we did was take the whole entire entertainment center apart and rebuild it from scratch installing L brackets under each shelf that were made of aluminum and aluminium screw.

The hardware itself was costly however the repairs never exceeded more than $350 for that handyman service in particular.

we also had to move the entertainment center across the hallway into another room exactly where it needed to be for installation and the internet cable service could come in and connect the flat screen TV however there was an issue there.

we had to remove the panel TV off the entertainment center and hang it off the DRYWALL.

what we did was install flat screen panel TV bracketing as well as the initial electrical wiring harness material for that particular television that was a 60 inch Samsung TV with UDHMI technology.

Soon after we were done installing the television, we started immediately setting up table saws and chop saws as well as our cordless Skil saws from DeWalt and Makita, we use these tools as well as a professional Bosch routing tool to manufacture and fabricate the shelving that was going in to complete the living room shelving system that was made of hardwood, it came out really nice, there were many reviews and comments on Yelp as well as Facebook for this project.


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