Costumer Asking How Long It Takes To Install A Custom Shower Door


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Customer Asking How Long It Takes To Install A Custom Shower Door

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spent a few minutes talking over a recent shower door installation,

Surprisingly our client understood the installation procedure as well as the price it costs for installing a custom shower door in a bathroom, however this was their third you shower door installed in the last six years, reason being the previous shower door was made of tempered glass, broke easy from shutting and closing, Betsy insisted we call and demo out the old shower door and replace it with a custom shower and closer for their new custom bathroom recently renovated.

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Our client Betsy was eager to learn what’s the best type of shower door glass that can prevent breakage and injuring, taken under consideration we gave her six options to choose from, beginning with a stainless steel frame covered with nickel plated material, as well as the aluminum alloy finished custom shower door framing material that’s use on military bases and in all exclusive hotel such as the Hyatt Regency, Ritz-Carlton, and the Marriott.

Thankfully Betsy finally got her door installed after waiting just three months for material delivery Honolulu Hawaii, if you’re a customer searching for custom shower doors, custom plumbing faucets, aluminum piping, copper pipe fittings, or any type of interior shower material parts please feel free to contact our customer services representative by filling out the form.

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