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Date St Apartment Rental Repainted Realty Co, Honolulu

Real estate moveout emergencies can happen at any time, nowadays tenants and homeowners are having differences when it comes to repairing and fixing a unit, moreover the line between fate and actuality is becoming more obvious, especially when a realtor ask for specific things that needs to be up kept updated in shape before a tenant moves out.

It over blog we like to continue update real estate marketing businesses and tenant Improvement where else on the island of Honolulu Hawaii, yesterday we had a spectrum of painting and home repairs for a tenant.

The list included  landscaper was on the exterior of a home doing light duties weed whacking, lawn mowing, picking up trash, and clearing out the yard for the tenant Improvement inspection coming up Sunday morning, moreover hour Painting Company Oahu 808-688 6309 the day rate painter in Honolulu Hawaii repainting two bedrooms 1 bathroom one large hallway and one giant kitchen and living room area, it had cathedral ceilings.

The very large task, we could not use a paint sprayer, because their was too many fine finish materials on the ceiling and on the floors, this was partly due to a high-end residential makeover that consisted of assisting the tenant with moving all their furniture Gathering their belongings such as clothing, books, shelving, and miscellaneous pots and pans and cookware dishes and other types of belongings that needed to be moved out before we started repainting the apartment.

All in all this project took approximately 3 days total of 24 hours 3 8 hour shifts, our home improvement and handyman repair services combined with painting and Landscaping definitely fit the Realtors criteria when it came to getting it all done everything was done perfectly all the way down to the fine finish interior painting all of the walls in the apartment were painted different colors the living room was orange and white the bathrooms were purple and the two bedrooms were painted hot pink, so what we have to do is purchase cover stain paint and stain blocker to block out all the deep colors and repaint it a light gray color without touching expensive crown molding and expensive baseboard material it was in place.

we also have to fix six drywall holes in the bathrooms and bedrooms, moreover we have to pull at least 30 nails and better than the sheetrock, after we pull the nails we have to caulk it patch it and skim it and then blow a light orange peel texture over it, the final task at hand was finishing the drywall holes texturing and repainting, just letting in some of the punch list handyman services that we do be sure to come back and read more of our blogs we are here to help everyone get it done thank you.


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