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Drywall Texture Repair – Quality Workmanship‎®

Texture on walls are a fine finish drywall finish look that increases protection from mold moisture and dust from damaging Sheetrock material,” their are many types of texture finishes interior homes and business use for a quality finish look.


The most common drywall textures used in residential homes is the slightly bumpy light orange peel look,” versus the heavy knockdown or a thicker drywall texture called skip trowel or cat paw.

Hiring the best texture repair services in Honolulu means everything, taken under consideration getting free texture estimates and cost to texture drywall ceiling or  remove popcorn ceiling and re-texture popcorn over the old one calls for a specialty tradesman.

Another variation to consider is  the ceiling paint for new ceiling repairs.

If consumers are looking for the cost to spray popcorn ceiling or the cost to remove popcorn ceiling and replace with knockdown textures,” we can point you in the best direction for services request,” moreover returning costumers find higher quality finish work using OahuHandyman.com

Looking for the total cost to texture walls and ceilings per sq ft in Hawaii is firt priority we offer,” aslo get  prices for knockdown texture.


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