Emergency Door Framing Situation Repairs Required On Solid Core

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Emergency  Building Door Repair In Hawaii Kai

Just putting the finishing touches on this building door out here in Hawaii Kai, we had some issues with the threshold matching up with the newly install solid core material read more.


The customer contacted us early Sunday morning around 6:30 a.m., there was a burglary attempt out in Hawaii Kai, however the burglar never got in the thru apartment door, moreover the homeowner was smart enough to put a chain lock and a peephole on the door to visually see who was trying to break in, the surveillance cameras  caught the burglar in burglary attemp.

Thank God the door was solid core frame however the Intruder did break the door frame and the door hinge mounts, and cracked the door jam in half.

Pro handyman Oahu emergency maitntenance services responded within the first hour per burglary attempt.

The staff the burglar was heavy set and very strong if the door wasn’t made from solid core material he would have easily kicked it down breaking the door directly in half.

The crime scene was definitely a sight for sore eyes,  at the front entrance of the building where the solid core door was  nearly broken in there was blood all over the place the burglar cut his arms trying to break in  and punch through the door .

Fully understand while we are resolving carpentry emergency issues out in Hawaii Kai, definitely it’s more of a high-end Community where Millionaires and rich people live, however  it is not a gated community in the lower Hawaii Kai region, the Gated Community up in Hawaii Laurel Ridge cannot be reached by car only by air  they have to pass through security check  and give them their driver’s license before entering the premises , that definitely helps prevent break-ins and burglaries in Hawaii Kai.

we came with our tools purchase all the hardwood materials before we even got to the location, we started the door demolition process as our labor helper Was preparing the new door frame solid core installation, moreover we use a prehung door installation kit to get the process going a lot faster, the door installation was done within 4 hours of arriving to the location, thanks to our professional Carpentry Services and quality Care residential customer review Department.

Thank you very much everyone for reading this blog post will keep you updated on any burglaries in Hawaii Kai thank you

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