Hanging Pictures at Naru Tower Meet Five Star Quality

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Handyman Picture Frame Naru Tower Looking

Hanging Pictures in Honolulu Hawaii

Hanging pictures off concret walls at Naru Towers was a challenge, yesterday brought about creative ideas for home designer decorating by the sq ft.

Our framing tools used Dewalt and Makita concrete drill bits matched higher damands, as both building owners and serviceman focused on the location hang pictures throughout million dollar apartment.

Hanging Pictures in Honolulu Hawaii

From start to finish this project lasted about 3 days total, the homeowner was adamant about exactly where to install these custom pictures profolio that were bought around the world, Italy, France, Vermont, Europe, Germany, just a few names of where these profolio pictures were bought, it was crucial that we find the correct installation from ceiling the floor, we had to measure left to right top to bottom vertical horizontal installation because of the background accent of where the pictures were installed, around the bed frame the headboard of the bed frame from the ceiling perfect alignment and installation was absolutely critical.

As we install the pictures the homeowner made absolutely certain in every single room and every single place the pictures were installed had the correct background, in the hallways, the renovated kitchen, we installed a customized picture frame clock it had no numbers on it, as well as pictures from Hawaii, Maui, and the big island that resembled the beauty of Hawaii and how foreigners came to the islands way back in the early nineteen hundreds settlers like pilgrims and early Chinese and Spanish sailors, this is just part of the quality artwork we hung in apartment building Ala Moana.

The owners were impressed with the clean installation left behind, we also installed an exterior Lanai patio set that was made and crafted from Macy’s designer Furniture line, follow up with a brand new entertainment center installation in the living room, all of which match there persona, all taken under consideration the cost to hang pictures was affordable as well as the picture frame Hardware Wii used was expensive the owners bought all of it, we made a trip to the hardware store at least 6 or 7 times to get custom picture framing hardware tools and material to finish this project, the art assembly was designed by a home decor designer in Honolulu Hawaii, they also stood by and watched us install the pictures to make sure our measurements were correct with their home decor.




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