Hawaii Kai Condo Interior Eggshell Over Semi Gloss

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Paint Matching Hawaii Kai Condo Interior Eggshell Over Semi Gloss

Good day back again with another blog post, this one featuring a customer in Hawaii Kai, the interior eggshell that was presently on living room walls hallways, bedroomhad an interior eggshell finish, however the homeowner mistakenly purchased semi-gloss to go over the eggshell, the color Sheen did not match.

Once in awhile you get a client review, this time it wasn’t the paint providers fault, where the homeowner purchase the paint supplies is What mattered most, however we relied on customer interaction, when we answered the phone call he precisely said he had the right color match for his interior condo in Hawaii Kai, however it didn’t plan out when we got there and poured 1 gallon of the semi gloss to wear bucket it wasn’t until then we noticed after rolling one wall it did not match the existing paint sheen.

Because this was a nice job, we have to schedule the interior paint job for the morning, due to paint not matching in the evening, we arrived at around 5 p.m. schedule 3 hours for the evening for condominium repainting, however because the paint sheen paint color does not match as well, in other words the vanilla egg shell they had presently, he purchased a brilliant premium white finish with semi-gloss scheen, therefore we began our process.

The next time we have a client out in Hawaii Kai high end quality, we perfectly understand the service request order, what we ask is let us come there and peel off a piece of drywall texture with the correct color match on it and we’ll take it to the nearest paint supply store in Hawaii Kai Honolulu Hawaii, so we can do the best color match design, it’s important that we do this as professional painting company we need to know for sure exactly the color Sheen and the right color were using, that is the proper way to get the right paint color match especially when you’re matching interior drywall finishes, drywall textures such as bumpy Orange Peel, like orange peel, heavy splatter orange peel, knockdown texture is, they all have a different type of look and feel.


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