Hire Ceiling Specialist To Repair High Living Room Drywall

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Ceilings Are So Tall To Repair

Hi everybody we’re back again for another exciting blog post this one is based on a customer client that requested a vaulted ceiling drywall repair specialist, however he didn’t have the proper equipment to get up to 18 ft high in his living room, because he lived in Mililani Oahu, it definitely takes time to get the proper ladders and Scaffolding drywall equipment for Heights.

If you live on the North Shore of a wahoo and you have a vaulted ceiling that needs immediate drywall repair, don’t worry about a thing our professional finishing and Plastering service offers a wide array and assortment of drywall textures that can cover your old patchwork, moreover think about it this way drywall ceiling tape hanging from the ceiling, torn drywall tape, torn drywall paper that needs removal and replacement.

What we do is very sophisticated as far as getting equipment ready for the next day, our drywall contractor services takes the call when it customer makes it call to our customer hotline we immediately analyze the situation, there’s many factors involved with repairing a vaulted ceiling, in some cases we’ve seen termite eaten Rafters in the ceiling, more over the drywall could be mildew or molded.

in some cases we’ve seen vaulted ceilings with popcorn ceiling finish, therefore you would need to have to scrape the popcorn ceiling before you start the repairs, however we don’t offer that type of service if you need to retexture over old popcorn ceilings we can do that we don’t remove popcorn ceilings on the North Shore of Oahu.

So the next time you’re ready for a drywall inspection and repairs on your vaulted ceilings be sure to ask us about how long it would take and how much it would cost to repair the ceiling, moreover drywall patch work, drywall ceiling Patchwork, smooth drywall finishing is all available from our service providers please contact us through our contact page.

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