Installing New Dryer Vent Exhaust

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Installing New Dryer Vent Exhaust

Here’s another blog post about dryer appliance installation an exhaust vent removal and replacement.

What would a house be without a washer and dryer combination, nowadays homeowners and business owners apartments and building owners are installing stackable washer and dryer units moving out the old side by side washer and dryer tumble dry, the reason being is it’s definitely more convenient to have your dryer sitting on top of your washer, however we’ve had requests for homeowners asking to put a side-by-side tumble dryer unit on top of a washer.

Keep in mind if you ordered your washer and dryer from Sears, Home Depot or Lowe’s appliance center they may not have installers available after the time you purchased your new washer and dryer, however you can contact local appliance installation services to have it installed in a snap.

As soon as your washer and dryers delivered to your home, now you need to get someone to change out the vent exhaust system, this can be done primarily at the installation phase, however it must go in the same direction where the wall meets an area where the exhaust can blow freely without causing any heat infrastructure or damage to paint drywall or wood.

The dryer vent system it has to have a clean path meaning the ventilation deals with Lin, Lin is flammable moreover you don’t want lint stuck in your air vents at all, so to save yourself time and possible fire hazards, we highly recommend installing a brand new vent for your new stackable washer and dryer units.

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