Kapahulu Zippies Opens Renovated Kitchen

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Kapahulu Zippies Opens Renovated

Finally you can Cruise out in Kapahulu Boulevard and find the newly renovated Zippy’s Restaurant, however sounds like they’re taking in less people less customers due to the upgrade.

If you haven’t drove Don Kapahulu Boulevard recently it’s been about four months now since the newly-renovated Zippy’s opened its doors, when you enter the parking lot it’s still looks the same from the outsid.

Customers enter the front entrance of Zippy’s Kapahulu, you’ll notice the dining room and seating area is all brand new, new chairs new furniture as well as new tile floors, it’s definitely a step up from what it used to look like however customers aren’t raving about it.

The only part that’s missing from Zippy’s Kapahulu would be the employees that were there for years, the renovation took 3 to 5 months approximately, therefore the employees that were working there full-time left their jobs to work at other restaurants in the Waikiki Diamond Head area, so visibly we noted the kitchen was really sweet looking new hoods who broilers, new fryers, new flat top grills, even three to four walks in the back of the kitchen it look pretty impressive.

We highly recommend all the restaurants located on Kapahulu Boulevard especially Popeyes kitchen, as well as the oh no Hawaiian food restaurants featuring LOL LOL and fresh hope he up, moreover they also have the popular Kalua Pig menu with raw fish and such email, don’t forget about the popular Safeway with their custom renovation and high-end look and feel their store is over 10,000 square feet of shelving and and food displays as well as a pupu bar, a sushi bar also one of the biggest delis in the state of Hawaii featuring ala carte menus, to-go menus, and they’re famous Subway sandwiches as well as Starbucks coffee and that location on your way up to Waialae Boulevard City Mill, also Fresh Catch fresh Island fish poke and Squid


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