Kauai Floods Devistates Hanalei Homes

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Kauai Floods Devistates Hanalei Homes

With rain weathers for seating devastating Hanalei Kauai Hawaii, we have been overseeing properties here in Honolulu Hawaii, just to make sure that the rain phone floods don’t start coming toward Oahu, Hawaii is the wettest spot on Earth according to the text books, Hanalei Hawaii spots in the Hawaiian island chain, therefore there has been many exchanges when it comes to rain storm

According to an analyst and Rain experts weather experts from the Hawaiian island chain Network system Hawaii every 5 to 8 years there is a rain Devastation it collapses Mountain sides, and hills, taro farms and northshore Kauai taro patches, it’s always filled with Muddy Water, this time the rain water devastated mountains and it rain 28 in of rain 24 hours, this is very devastating because it would over 10,000 homes literally under sea level, therefore is many things you can do for flood preparation in Hawaii, number one when you should head to Safety First.


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