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Searching for handymen reviews in Honolulu Hawaii can take hours of precious time, that’s why in today’s home review handyman blog post article, we’ve taken the time to give recent testimonials home-improvement services that went very smooth, however reading these testimonials can lead to potential customer and merchant user connection.

Without further ado I would like to comment on some of the work that was done at our Kaneohe home, Pro handyman Oahu and his construction workers did a magnificent home renovation at our plantation lot located beachfront Kaneohe real estate, and trust me when I say this, the best all around construction services to date, we’ve been flipping homes in California for over 20 years, we came across this website and noticed that Pro handymen Oahu was licensed and insured in the state of Hawaii, that gave me enough confidence to at least get a free estimate from them, lo and behold, Erin and his crew customize a construction proposal that was written and perfect format, it allowed us to see note every single aspect that we were engaging in remodeling.

From start to finish the home renovation project went smoothly they started with interior demolition of all drywall and ceilings removed as well as demolition of tile, demolition of bathtubs and bathroom material, they also did a trash out and junk removal service they didn’t charge us extra, the local refuse station accepted all our junk that was gratifying, our worries were literally shadowed by their competency and how well they performed throughout the day, again after all the trash was removed in the demolition was done they began installing new drywall, we went wood level V smooth finish, thereafter that we went with Swiss coffee paint color from Sherwin-Williams, as well as purchasing cabinets.

The cabinet installation and our custom kitchen went smoothly as they installed all the appliances garbage disposer, dishwashers, icebox and chill box, washer and dryer, and a customize dish rack tray, and the kitchen cabinet counter-top island centered in the middle of the kitchen renovation.

We also had Pro handymen Oahu install new doors and windows for us, vinyl windows and awning windows were installed in the bathrooms and kitchens and living area as well as our upstairs loft, they also did an exterior renovation on all trim and siding, made of Masonite board that was a good protective adhesive exterior panel board that protected our interior studs, from oceanfront moisture salt air, this is crucial for exterior installation of any siding that was ever installed on our home, also these stainless steel hardware hurricane clips and Tycho nails, as well as 8 inch stainless steel nails 16 inch 12gauge gun nails.

I would highly recommend Pro handyman Oahu for anyone engaging in construction building and property management maintenance and any other type of services that regard handyman or appliance and heavy interior remodeling.

thank you very much. James Rutherford first officer, United States Marine Corps
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