Removed Entrance Door Threshold Being Replaced New Material

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Removed Entrance Door Threshold Being Replaced

We had a service request for entrance door threshold replacement and removal, it went pretty smoothly please read this post and let us know how you feel and your comment section.

As we were prioritizing an apartment renovation out on the North Shore in Mililani Oahu, we got a phone call 4 door threshold repairs, the customer asked us how soon can we be there, I informed her that we were out on the North Shore Oahu, and we could be at Waipio Gentry in the next 30 minutes to do her project, the client accepted our invitation to her home out in Ewa Beach near Waipio Gentry.

Soon as we got there we immediately pulled out all the carpentry tools, and door tools, prior to inspecting the entrance door threshold, we noticed that the original threshold was exactly 5 inches in length, however the new threshold did she purchase from Home Depot was 5 inch and 5/8 wide almost 6 in total, so immediately we had to fabricate the metal threshold to fit over the wooden floor plate structure underneath the custom design hardwood entrance door that had fabricated glass at the top and bottom it was definitely not the easiest task in hand.

We use our professional carpentry skills to modify the fabricated door opening remove some of the trim board from the left and right side, as we performed Services there, we immediately removed the old threshold and replaced it with the brand new threshold it went pretty smooth however there was a chunk of wood sitting over the original threshold plate, so what we do is talk our chisel and flat bar to pry up the old board, we immediately pulled out the old nails that was stuck to both sides of the door frames to clean up the bottom plate preparing it for the new threshold.

Lo and behold the new threshold went in smoothly as planned we were able to open and shut the door without any intrusion from the door plate at the bottom and the bottom of the door in fact there was material at the bottom of the door that used to keep out moisture and cockroaches.

Thanks again for reading our blog post will keep you updated on construction services, tile Services, drywall services, Home Improvement & Building Services Home Improvement Building Maintenance Honolulu Hawaii. Thank you very much will talk to you soon

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