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Installation Of Sliding Bathroom Shower Door Glass  Hinged  Honolulu

The look bathroom showers can have is unmeasurable, we can help homeowners with any type of glass shower door enclosure to date. 


 The immediate planning new luxury bathroom can add more spacious room-sized shower room.

We offer distinctive designs, innovative features, and a wide selection of inventory to realize your dream bathroom.

Trust our remodelers with customized home decor styles and distinctive designs, using the cleanest innovative features with an array of inventory to realize your dream bathroom.

 we go the long haul from ordinary to extraordinary bathroom remodeling designs 

We can design an enclosure for your budget or lifestyle.

We offer FREE bathroom remodeling estimates in Honolulu

Measure your bathroom’s dimensions and draw a sketch, leaving a 24-inch clearance in front of the enclosure for safety.


For simple sliding tub enclosures, you’ll need measurements across the top and the height from the tub to the top of the tile.


With a simple hinged shower door, measure both width and opening height.

Federal building codes require the door to open outward.

Know what to measure for your enclosure

  1. • Look at your plumbing fixtures’ material and color so we can match them for you
  2. • Consider your options for glass thickness and pattern, such as clear, rain, or obscure
  3. • Think about which direction the door will open, to the left or to the right
  4. • Is there a place to hang your towel within 12 inches or do you need a towel bar?
  5. • Do you need to think about handicap accessibility?
  6. • Do you want a framed door or a frameless door that uses thicker glass for support?


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