Sporting goods stores close down on Ward Street Sports Authority

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Sporting goods stores closed down on ward st

Okay everybody here we go again with some more jargon, everyone knows it’s been about 6 to 8 months since Sports Authority closed its doors on Ward Street, however there still no real Sporting Goods store here on the island that you could trust or even get reasonable sales and discounts on baseball’s, basketballs, sportswear, football gear, soffit ball gear, surfboards or inexpensive anything to do with Fitness.

Everyone’s wondering why Sports Authority closed its doors, there are haunted by hundreds of thousands of customers that use Sports Authority as a vendor for sports gear and clothing golf gear, and anything to do with any type of sports.

it’s a shame here on Ward Street the building that Sports Authority was renting was directly next door to McDonalds and Ross’s Dress for Less, more over it literally took up over 10,000 square feet of space.

many of us Hawaii customers and clientele often wonder how they keep stores that large open with such a big staff and inventory overhead it’s no wonder why Sports Authority closed down on Ward Street, more over whenever Shoppers would show up at Sports Authority they would go into Ross’s Dress for Less because they know they get a cheaper discount, Sports Authority was being bought out by Ross’s, moreover eventually people are saying that Dick’s Sporting Goods should be coming to Hawaii to take over however nothing has happened yet so I’m doubtedly it keeps everyone wondering where and when to shop for sporting goods on Oahu.

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