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Touch Up Painting Services 

 Exterior Painters Oahu

Looking for trimwork painters around the house can be a task” our local painters cover all phases of interior and exterior house painting from light trimwork to drywall patch repairs and ceiling water leak damages fixed and preped for immediate services rendered in the state of Hawaii.

 Exterior Painters Oahu

How valuable homes can be painted the right colors,” trim painters in Oahu have all the experience in crown molding and baseboard flooring trim work” its done in a day for most projects,” no matter how big or small the job is” trim painting takes course quickly, especially interior molding like crown or hardwood trim work” its a technique used by the best painters.

 Exterior Painters Oahu

Exterior Trim

  • Beginning with

    Soffit  Fascia boards: called roofing trim that hangs under the low pitch edges of the roof”

  • under the metal flashing material “
  • fascia is a modern feature,”
  • fascia is attached directly under the edge of roof,”
  • primarily fascia material starts at 2 by 6 inches,
  • 2 by 8, and in custom homes builders hang 2 by 12 inch wide facia.
  • The most custom trim under the roof is 4 by 6 thick beam fascia

 Exterior Painters Oahu

Interior Touch up Painting

  • Ask painter question in Honolulu painting homes interior windows, doors and ceilings are all noted as touching up
  • Math brush texture correctly
  • Match paint rollers with existing wall finish drywall textures such as orange-peel, knockdown, popcorn ceilings with bumpy finishes.
  • Ideas for interior touch up painting – Usually ceilings are painted flat white or flat paint – keeps ceiling shadow and light free” remember flat paint is used to hide blemishes and dings, also if you recently skimmed the ceilings of popcorn texture and rips and torn drywall paper are present” go with a flat paint to over shadow imperfections.
  • Molding trim around the windows can peel and crack” moreover corner-bead and drywall materials get rusted and decays discoloration stains around molding trim and threshold.

Creative painting custom home finishes call for interior designer imprint,” to get the best house color paint match consider hiring interior paint designer.

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