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Small Tree Trimming Services In Oahu licensed and insured

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Looking for small Yard and landscape tree trimming companies in Oahu Hawaii” look no further than us,” discover affordable tree trimming and small landscaping on a tight budget moreover were honest, affordable, friendly, trustworthy and diligent workers to do your yard.  Why not and give me a call NOW for a free estimate. We’re licensed and insured




Weed whack
Trim Edges/hedges
Blow/sweep/rake rubbish
Removal of dead leaves
Trim small trees/bushes
Weed control


Removal of tree/stump
Haul away rubbish
Plant new grass
level ground
plant new plants
lay gravel

yard services and junk removal

Once a week
Once a month


The bushes and hedge trimming are flawless, we remove shrubs from the backyard, hedge plants and we offer plants and hedges for sale at the local nursery in Kailua.
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