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Wallpaper Installation and Wall Removal in Honolulu Oahu

Find drywall and wallpaper removal services in Honolulu Hawaii offering deals and discount materials for taking wallpaper off walls safely without tearing drywall and primer behind the glue side of the paper.

Note: Before you apply wallpaper you’re supposed to first paint a priming layer over the drywall so the wallpaper can be removed later.

The first coat adhering wallpaper directly to paper, and you won’t be able to remove it later without tearing it all up.

Our skill set allows us to remove wallpaper from plaster walls or primed drywall, but when it came down to removing the wallpaper from unprimed drywall you techniques are set.

We never start pulling tiny strips of wallpaper off the walls in the bathroom, we make sure every single piece of wallpaper is saturated with a water-based glue removing the solution,” in other words heating or melting the wallpaper glue need to done.


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