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Honolulu Water Overflows Into Shopping Malls Interior Water Damages Scaling

It’s business as usual in Honolulu only this time it’s been raining for literally 18 hours straight, it started raining real heavy Sunday night at about 12:30 AM, up until today this morning around 7:30 and bring three times, it continued raining throughout the day it’s already 5:30 p.m. in Honolulu, moreover shopping malls at the Ala Moana Center and Kahala Mall are both being overlapped by severe water flooding in the parking lot.

The newly-constructed ward area, where the Blaisdell Arena sits and Straub Medical Center, even the Honolulu health club is also experiencing heavy water damages on their interior walls, moreover will keep you updated and post it on drywall services that can help you prevent water damage in Hawaii, there are many solutions to preventing rain overflow and water overflow underpass from the streets into rain gutters overflowing back into the building, there are many types of Masonry conclusions that you can use to stop this.

If you’re a business owner in Honolulu or Waikiki experiencing drywall damages drywall ceiling damages or drywall that needs to be repaired make sure to contact our 24-hour water damage remediation customer service center in Honolulu, we can help you assist with any type of residential apartment building or shopping mall water damage we are insured drywall Service Company.


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